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Open Up

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Open Up
Book Information
Level A1 ~ A2
Type CourseBook
Publisher A*List
  • Student Book + DVD-ROM + MP3 CD
Book Series
  • Open Up Starter
  • Open Up 1
  • Open Up 2
Open Up

Super Star identifies and reflects young ELT learners' needs in learning English and provides the ELT learning methods carefully designed to help students achieve their learning goals. Encourages young ELT learners to complete each unit successfully through diverse easy-to-follow and fun-to-follow activities Provides all vocabulary, expressions, and sentences under familiar circumstances of students' daily life to help them understand in context Stimulates young learners' interests in diverse ways via songs, chants, dancing videos, stickers and flashcards Helps students review their vocabulary and grammar skills with Unit Test while measuring students’ academic achievement of the four core skills -Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing―with Progress Test